No matter what your situation or background, help is here for you in Michiana!

HerMichiana.org is a website created by women, for women. Our goal is to connect our sisters in northern Indiana with a network of compassionate care available to meet their specific needs.


Browse our resource guide to find out how you can tap into a broad spectrum of care including medical assistance, health screenings for you and your significant other, pregnancy and parenting support, food, clothing, housing, psychological counseling, and financial aid. 

For individualized assistance, contact us via the form below. We are here to help you. 




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Bills & Budget Help

Employment Assistance

Legal Aid

Prenatal Diagnosis Support


Fertility Education

Medical Assistance 

Counseling Services

Continuing Education

Food & Clothing Resources

Miscarriage  Support

Screenings & STI Testing

Dental & Vision Care

For Him


Spanish Speaking

DNA Testing


Parenting Support

Substance Abuse Recovery

NOTE: Are you pregnant and in need of services? If you qualify for Medicaid as an Indiana resident, you can have a doctor assigned to you who can provide many of these services and more. See here for more information.

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